It’s the easiest way for you to access, receive information about your town and stay connected with your town.

  • Receive notifications, messages and updates from your town
  • Report issues to city from your mobile
  • Simple and easy access to town business directory
  • Receive deals
  • Easy way to businesses to reach their target audience with almost no or fraction of cost.
Town Info & News

1. Quickly access information about your town.
2. Contact or Report issues to your town/city.
3. Get notifications/news/events from your town.

Send Important Notifications

1. Notify citizens about urgent or important alerts and messages.
2. Messages will be delivered directly on citizens mobile devices.

Report back to Town/City

1. Citizens can report any issues or concerns back to town/city along with a message and picture from mobile devices or web.
2. Reported Issues are delivered to authorized mailbox and on their mobile device.

Get Deals

1. Receive your favorite deals and specials from business closer to your home or office.
2. Available on your mobile or web.
3. Access deals, coupons and specials and save money.

Business Directory

1. Easy access to various business in and around your town.
2. List your business in directory and reach your primary target audience easily.
3. Businesses serving multiple towns, can specify that way to appear in directory for multiple towns.


1. Get valuable insights on the effectiveness of your promotions with state-of-art analytics.

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