Imagine a world where you can take back control of all your personal and professional communications. SoloWindow’s Vision is to create the first solution that gives businesses, organizations, family & friends a single View that provides the ultimate control and security over information shared and received.

With SoloWindow, your single window lets you manage your social networking and important communications, efficiently and securely. Through a View, publishers of information can create what is equivalent to a “super app” or “information hub”. It’s simple to create and publish a View, which you can share with your friends & family, business constituents, customers, and followers.

SoloWindow Inbox

Accurate, comprehensive business service maps – that are updated dynamically as changes occur

Targeted Messaging

Issues automatically – even before they impact service experiences – using ServiceNow’s world-class ITSM processes (e.g. incident, change) and Orchestration

Scheduling Alerts and Messages

Insight into overall health of services by correlating monitoring events to mapped services – reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) through faster root cause analysis of issues

Social Platform Consolidation & Integration

Overall service performance – using both operational (active alerts, incidents) and business (availability, cost, utilization) metrics – to gain insight into improving service effectiveness and cost of delivery

Multi Level Security

The relationship of system events to business services – enabling operations to make better prioritization decisions and what issues to address first

SoloWindow Apps for your Smartphone, Tablet, PC, and Mac

Existing services quickly and speed new services into production efficiently and with high quality

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