Everyone is talking about Cloud but what can it really do for your business? The answer is “it depends”. The promise of the cloud is that it takes the focus off of technology and systems and places it on business goals and outcomes. Cloud conversations need to be taking place with business and financial leaders, as well as IT. IT’s role needs to move up the value chain so that they are participating in solving business problems and not implementing technology.


Cloud solutions move the cost to a monthly or annual recurring Operational Expense instead of a Capital Expense. This is beneficial to most companies due to being able to pay as they go instead of utilizing large up-front cash investments.

Ongoing Costs

Cloud solution costs are more predictable and you pay for exactly what you use and nothing more.


Cloud solutions can scale for peak demands and “give back” resources under low utilization periods.

Provisioning Time

Provisioning time for a server can be several days to several weeks depending on how fast a company’s internal procurement and implementation processes are. Spinning up a server in the cloud can be done in minutes.


The skills required to deploy a cloud solution are usually low when compared to the skills required to build and manage an application in house.


Cloud providers have experienced highly publicized outages but many customers did not have an outage if their solution was properly engineered in the cloud for high availability.

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