RSA Integration Platform:

RSA’s proprietary revenue enhancement solution is integrated closely with point of sale(POS) in retail and grocery business. Currently it’s integrated with industry premier POS software fromNCR Corporation.

As RSA continue to capture market share, planning to integrate with top tier POS vendor software in order to expand its reach to customers. Our next phase of integration focuses on ACE software from IBM, Micros from Oracle and RMS from Microsoft. In next 2-3 years RSA’s
solution will be completely integrated with POS industry leaders.

Intelligent Promotions and Analytics – a Big Data Solution

Retail Solutions Advisors Intelligent Promotions and Analytics (IP&A) is an integrated end to end business intelligence and analytics solution for retailers to make effective marketing and revenue enhancing strategies in real time.

Customer revenue enhanced is achieved through thoughtful deployment of enterprise solutions encompassing business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), and capturing and interpreting analytics to help attract, retain, and grow a fan base as well as identifying and exploiting opportunities for revenue enhancement.

Our analytics solutions consolidates real time operational data and creates buying patterns and trends. After gathering and analyzing those buying patterns, using non-invasive predictive analytics, coupons are generated to incentivize an incremental revenue increase across each individual. The benefit of increasing aggregate revenues is undeniable, but valuable tracking data will also help address waste as well.

Our Big data solution will provide a unique set of analytics, giving your organization invaluable insight into your marketplace and intelligently shaping responsive marketing strategies.