Vensar Technology Inc.

Vensar Technology Inc. is a IT Solutions Provider and advanced Information Technology consulting firm with over seven years of industry experience specializing in staff supplementation, on-site and off-site project work within the telecommunications, finance, pharmaceutical, wireless, healthcare and educational markets. In today’s business world technology is power.

It increases our ability to communicate, enhances the quality of the work environment and makes a tremendous impact on a company’s bottom line. With the dynamic pace of technological change, choosing the right technology for your needs can be a complex and often confusing process.

Software Intellects Inc.

Software Intellects provides high quality, seamless, cost-effective business and technical solutions to our clients. Software Intellects was founded with a mission of providing a high quality Management and Technical consulting services to our clients. Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced.

At Software Intellects, our employees have gone through rigorous training to deliver top-notch technical solutions.

E-Nexus Inc.

E-Nexus Inc provides  high quality Management and Technical consulting services to clients.