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RSA Training

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Our mission is to provide a state of the art solution which will help increase the daily revenue for mid-sized grocery stores around the world. Our solution uses cutting edge mobile technology which engages customers providing a better shopping experience as well as providing additional revenue to the store owner.

Our mobile solution allows retail grocery store owners to cut down on two major costs.  Due to our coupons being mobile (non-print) and our solution also allowing the programming of specials and weekly circulars directly into the app we enable our clients to cut their monthly printing costs by 50-60%.


SoloWindow Webinar

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Imagine a world where you can take back control of all your personal and professional communications. SoloWindow’s Vision is to create the first solution that gives businesses, organizations, family & friends a single View that provides the ultimate control and security over information shared and received.

With SoloWindow, your single window lets you manage your social networking and important communications, efficiently and securely. Through a View, publishers of information can create what is equivalent to a “super app” or “information hub”. It’s simple to create and publish a View, which you can share with your friends & family, business constituents, customers, and followers.